Personal Training/Diet and Weight Loss

My teaching style incorporates methods learned from strength, cardio and martial arts training combined with no-frills nutrition advice to help you get fitter, lose fat and increase lean muscle mass.

So, if you're in the York area:

1. Start off with a free* 1 hour consultation to discuss your goals and the time and equipment you have available. (I specialise in home workouts so can give you practical tips on how to utilise what you have at hand without investing hundreds in kit).

2. If you decide you want a bit of help then book a session at £25* per hour FREE FOR 2020. We'll take your baseline measurements and look at what kind of training is right for you and your goals.
3. Ideally, book 4 sessions in advance (and get  4 FREE FOR 2020) so we can train once a week for the first month. This will give us time to look at food and nutrition as well as the physical aspects of becoming healthier.
4. Then book 1 session a month to do weight, measurements and goal tracking. We get to look at anything that needs tweaking and set new challenges according to your progress.
    Of course every person is different so I will tailor a plan to your specific needs. 
    As a client, you will also benefit from access to hidden content, offers and invites to special events as well as my personal email address in case you have any questions in between sessions.
    My goal is to leave you with a sustainable health plan, and the necessary education, to carry you on to a ripe old age. 
    So, if you're looking to change your diet, lose some weight or just get fit, contact me using the form on the right. Alternatively, if you're not quite ready for a gym, or want to take up a new sport but don't feel fit enough, I'm here to help you get in shape.

    Remember, you don't need a personal trainer for life, but everybody needs a little help sometimes. 

    (*there may be a small additional charge based on distance from centre of York).