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Here's a few sites and resources that I use/have used in the past.

My Fitness Pal

A free website and app run by Under Armour. You can add your food and exercise to check your calories in/calories out for the day and also keep track of weight loss and body measurements. There's a great support network of other users who may be at the same point as you in your fitness journey.

Another free site that provides a wide variety of free workouts. Where Darebee differs from the hundreds of other sites is that a lot of their '30 day' routines are fun as well as good. You can train like a video game character, a Spartan or get fit enough to outrun the undead in the Zombie apocalypse.

Mixed reviews on these items as some people reckon they either under or over estimate your steps and calorie burn. Most of us have mobile phones so try a simple step tracking app (for free) and see if you can get walking/running first before you invest any money in gadgets.