New Mum as a new client

Am glad to be working with 'S' in York who had a baby just 6 weeks ago!

Key point to remember with postpartum ladies is to take everything slowly so, after assessing her carefully, we started on Stronglifts 5x5 with a 'broom handle' to learn proper form. We'll progress slowly but surely with tiny weight increases until we're both confident that she is well and truly healed, and can perform the moves safely with more weight. We're supplementing with regular walks with baby and some gentle cardio. Once S' level of fitness has built up, we'll incorporate more intense cardio once or twice a week.

*As 'S' is feeding baby herself, her calorie intake must be monitored carefully to ensure she is taking in enough to produce the best quality milk so we're using MFP to track calorie intake [CICO]

We're also logging her weight and body measurements and recording them on the weight-loss spreadsheet so we have a record of her 'gains and losses' as well as some targets to aim for over the next 12 months.