Protein shakes - what you need to know

Whey protein shakes
Protein shake
If you're looking to increase your protein intake but don't want guzzle down storage containers full of Wildebeest then protein shakes could be your answer.

However, go online and you're met with a bewildering amount of different products, some with added amino acids, some with creatine, BCAAs etc. -  and then there's a myriad flavours to choose from...

Fear not, I've done some testing over the years and found what I feel  the best protein shake on the market.

  1. Start with Vanilla. Unless you absolutely hate it, this is the flavour least likely to put you off. You can then experiment with 'Raspberry Ice Cream and dark chocolate' or 'Lemon Cupcakes and Bananas' or whatever flavour they come up with next.
  2. Buy the smallest tub/pack available. Some people have an intolerance to whey that they just don't discover until they try it. Don't spend money on a 5KG sack only to discover that it melts your dentures or similar. 
  3. Look at the ingredients. If the list resembles Hollywood film credits then stay away. You want your Whey to be as simple as possible. 

Whey protein powder
My recommendation is My Protein's Impact Whey Isolate. It's affordable, it works and it's not packed full of chemicals and fillers like some other brands. It also mixes really well (with very few lumps providing you use a shake 'cup').  

Start with 1 scoop blended with some skimmed milk (if you partake of dairy) and go from there. If you're trying to reduce calorie intake, you can mix it with water instead. 

Check out labdoor > for their 'top 10' type list of whey protein powders.

That's it really. Give it a try. If you're over 40 then you should be looking at incorporating more protein into your diet and this is an ideal 'whey' to do it. :-)