How to lose weight simply, with no fads.

You don't need to buy the latest 'superfood' or down whole bottles of those new 'fat burning'' pills. Weight loss is simple. You ate too much consistently and put that weight on, so you just need to reverse that process consistently to take it back down again.

To lose a pound (1LB) a week you need an overall deficit of 3500 calories a week. So work out how much you should be eating a day, what your current level of activity is, and deduct 500 calories a day from that. If you stick to that plan, weigh your food and log it, you WILL see weight loss on a consistent basis. If you do NOT, then you need to check your logging.

But how can I work out how much or how little to eat?

You can keep track of your calorie intake using an app/website like MyFitnessPal. Using this you will soon see where the majority of your daily calories come from and probably be surprised! (We all know that a big pile of junk food is high in calories but, how many of us know how much - or how little - pasta to put on our plates? It will be less than you imagine, no doubt)

Your diet should be healthy, enriching but overall SUSTAINABLE. It's no good eating perfect portion sizes of balanced food groups if you are so miserable you give up. BALANCE everything out. Eat within your calorie range and don't constantly deny yourself every single thing. Just be sensible. 

  • PROTEIN keeps you feeling full for longer.
  • CARBS are not your enemy - you need them to fuel your workouts
  • FAT should be eaten in moderation and should be unsaturated whenever possible.
Stay strong and you'll see results.