Does too much body fat make you age quicker?

I watched an interesting program on UK television last night called, How To Stay Young. 

They reported that an excess of body fat could cause your body to age faster than normal. A hormone called Adiponectin helps maintain our fat levels, prevent type 2 diabetes and also slows down the ageing of our cells. In obese patients, Adiponectin levels were much lower than when compared to a patient with a BMI within the 'normal' range.

So, if you want to slow down the ageing process:

Reduce your fat levels with a sustainable diet and exercise regime.

Adiponectin Ageing Diet Exercise
Exercising to stay young
As well as improving your overall physical and mental health, your Adiponectin levels will increase and your cells will age slower - allowing better recovery which should lead to increased growth - a double whammy!

*Another interesting part of the programme is how highly a weight lifting/resistance training regime is recommended for people of advancing years. Couple that with a healthy, high-protein diet you can hope to stick around long enough to bore your Grandkids with tales of 'when you were a lad'.

If you'd like to watch the program on UK 'catch up' TV, click on the link How to slow down the ageing process

If you are interested in taking the online test to calculate your body age, use the questionnaire at World Fitness Level

*Article on explaining Adiponectin experiments in more detail >