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Great site for workouts and diet tips

If you haven't discovered yet, then please do take the time to visit their site and peruse the huge list of exercises, workouts and healthy eating information on there.

I have tried and tested 3 of their '30 Days' type workouts and can attest to their suitability for home gym users. If you're just starting out and/or have little to no equipment then 30 Days of Strength should get you feeling fitter and stronger within a couple of weeks. I used it whilst recovering from a shoulder 'twinge' and laying off the weights.

Strength and fitness workout

New client in York

Have recently started working with 'C' in York who wishes to lose some weight and get back into shape. 'C' was a gymnast and then competitive bodybuilder in the late 80s but work, kids and the march of time have left him carrying more on his shoulders than he is used to.

We've combined our knowledge of strength training and diet to put together a sustainable weight loss plan which is cutting down the fat whilst retaining lean muscle.

I meet with 'C' once a week to discuss progress, swap tips (yes, I'm learning a lot too) and help with motivation. We plan to hit the gym this coming Autumn to start to increase muscle mass whilst continuing to strip away the fat.