Sunday, 9 September 2018

New client - Competition winner!

I ran a competition last year and chose a winner but, due to schedules not matching up and life getting in everybody's way, I've only just started working with them. So a warm welcome to 'T', a lady in her 40s from Selby.

We had our second session last weekend and ran through a host of exercise options as well as discussing nutrition and calorie goals.

The plan is to run a hour+ session each Sunday for a month and then decide from there how we proceed.

I'm very impressed so far on level of knowledge and amount of dedication put in already.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

New Mum as a new client

Am glad to be working with 'S' in York who had a baby just 6 weeks ago!

Key point to remember with postpartum ladies is to take everything slowly so, after assessing her carefully, we started on Stronglifts 5x5 with a 'broom handle' to learn proper form. We'll progress slowly but surely with tiny weight increases until we're both confident that she is well and truly healed, and can perform the moves safely with more weight. We're supplementing with regular walks with baby and some gentle cardio. Once S' level of fitness has built up, we'll incorporate more intense cardio once or twice a week.

*As 'S' is feeding baby herself, her calorie intake must be monitored carefully to ensure she is taking in enough to produce the best quality milk so we're using MFP to track calorie intake [CICO]

We're also logging her weight and body measurements and recording them on the weight-loss spreadsheet so we have a record of her 'gains and losses' as well as some targets to aim for over the next 12 months.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Protein shakes - what you need to know

Whey protein shakes
Protein shake
If you're looking to increase your protein intake but don't want guzzle down storage containers full of Wildebeest then protein shakes could be your answer.

However, go online and you're met with a bewildering amount of different products, some with added amino acids, some with creatine, BCAAs etc. -  and then there's a myriad flavours to choose from...

Fear not, I've done some testing over the years and found what I feel  the best protein shake on the market.

  1. Start with Vanilla. Unless you absolutely hate it, this is the flavour least likely to put you off. You can then experiment with 'Raspberry Ice Cream and dark chocolate' or 'Lemon Cupcakes and Bananas' or whatever flavour they come up with next.
  2. Buy the smallest tub/pack available. Some people have an intolerance to whey that they just don't discover until they try it. Don't spend money on a 5KG sack only to discover that it melts your dentures or similar. 
  3. Look at the ingredients. If the list resembles Hollywood film credits then stay away. You want your Whey to be as simple as possible. 

Whey protein powder
My recommendation is My Protein's Impact Whey Isolate. It's affordable, it works and it's not packed full of chemicals and fillers like some other brands. It also mixes really well (with very few lumps providing you use a shake 'cup').  

Start with 1 scoop blended with some skimmed milk (if you partake of dairy) and go from there. If you're trying to reduce calorie intake, you can mix it with water instead. 

Check out labdoor > for their 'top 10' type list of whey protein powders.

That's it really. Give it a try. If you're over 40 then you should be looking at incorporating more protein into your diet and this is an ideal 'whey' to do it. :-)

Saturday, 9 December 2017

How to lose weight simply, with no fads.

You don't need to buy the latest 'superfood' or down whole bottles of those new 'fat burning'' pills. Weight loss is simple. You ate too much consistently and put that weight on, so you just need to reverse that process consistently to take it back down again.

To lose a pound (1LB) a week you need an overall deficit of 3500 calories a week. So work out how much you should be eating a day, what your current level of activity is, and deduct 500 calories a day from that. If you stick to that plan, weigh your food and log it, you WILL see weight loss on a consistent basis. If you do NOT, then you need to check your logging.

But how can I work out how much or how little to eat?

You can keep track of your calorie intake using an app/website like MyFitnessPal. Using this you will soon see where the majority of your daily calories come from and probably be surprised! (We all know that a big pile of junk food is high in calories but, how many of us know how much - or how little - pasta to put on our plates? It will be less than you imagine, no doubt)

Your diet should be healthy, enriching but overall SUSTAINABLE. It's no good eating perfect portion sizes of balanced food groups if you are so miserable you give up. BALANCE everything out. Eat within your calorie range and don't constantly deny yourself every single thing. Just be sensible. 

  • PROTEIN keeps you feeling full for longer.
  • CARBS are not your enemy - you need them to fuel your workouts
  • FAT should be eaten in moderation and should be unsaturated whenever possible.
Stay strong and you'll see results. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Win 4 Personal Trainer sessions - York, UK

Personal Trainer, York for diet, weight loss and exercise advice.
Weight Loss and fitness training
To celebrate the fact this site can now handle on-line bookings, we've decided to offer one lucky person (male or female) in York a prize of 4 weight loss/exercise sessions (normally £75 - £100) with a qualified personal trainer.

To enter into the prize draw, simply click here and choose a date and time for your first session and book it in or send us an email using our Contact Form on the right -->

We'll let the lucky winner know via email and arrange the rest of the dates with you.


So try it - you've got nothing to lose!

By entering this competition you hereby agree to the following Terms and conditions:

  • You must live within 3 miles of the centre of York (a small petrol charge may apply if you live slightly further out).
  • You agree to work with a Personal Trainer to discuss Weight Loss and Fitness.
  • You do not have a medical reason which would stop you from partaking in the above.
  • You understand that I do not subscribe to fad diets and 'magic' weight-loss techniques, just solid, well tested and healthy methods.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Does too much body fat make you age quicker?

I watched an interesting program on UK television last night called, How To Stay Young. 

They reported that an excess of body fat could cause your body to age faster than normal. A hormone called Adiponectin helps maintain our fat levels, prevent type 2 diabetes and also slows down the ageing of our cells. In obese patients, Adiponectin levels were much lower than when compared to a patient with a BMI within the 'normal' range.

So, if you want to slow down the ageing process:

Reduce your fat levels with a sustainable diet and exercise regime.

Adiponectin Ageing Diet Exercise
Exercising to stay young
As well as improving your overall physical and mental health, your Adiponectin levels will increase and your cells will age slower - allowing better recovery which should lead to increased growth - a double whammy!

*Another interesting part of the programme is how highly a weight lifting/resistance training regime is recommended for people of advancing years. Couple that with a healthy, high-protein diet you can hope to stick around long enough to bore your Grandkids with tales of 'when you were a lad'.

If you'd like to watch the program on UK 'catch up' TV, click on the link How to slow down the ageing process

If you are interested in taking the online test to calculate your body age, use the questionnaire at World Fitness Level

*Article on explaining Adiponectin experiments in more detail >